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Families in the Middle East tend to spread across the region,
living far away from each other. To keep in touch they share
their best moments online. For the elderly members of the family who
struggle with technology, they are too often left out of precious moments.

The Grandparents Frame and App by Johnson’s Baby helps capture
and instantly send memorable moments to grandparent’s homes.
For the first time grandparents could see the youngest in their
family grow, connecting all three generations.

The video reached over 2.3 million views on youtube and got featured
on Al Jazeera, BBC, Fast Company, The National and many other media.

2014 New York Festival | Bronze | Public & Media Relations: Products & Services
2014 New York Festival | Finalist | DIGITAL: Interactive Applications
2014 New York Festival | Finalist | DIRECT & COLLATERAL: Use Of Medium
2014 New York Festival | Finalist | Public & Media Relations: Use Of Medium
2014 Creativity Online | Top20 | Ad Age Best Ads
2014 Featured in Contagious